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Notice regarding the official website of LEF

Unfortunately, Our official website is down because of technical issues and the technical team is currently working on it.

If you have any queries or need any information, Please contact us on at:

Address: 116 Industry Street
 York, ON M6M 4L8
Call: (416) 769-0830

Thank you.


A Message From The Executive Director


Resilience is the theme for our 40th Anniversary because….

Resilience is the bedrock of our community – the former city of York  - that has informed and moulded LEF since the early days in 1978 and throughout our history.


Resilience is seen in the courage of people that come to us for support each and every day.


Resilience is the most crucial gift we give the over 1,700 children in our care each and every day.

Resilience is evident in the humility and strong old-fashioned sense of service that each of our staff bring to their role each day.

We hope that you can join us to celebrate “Resilience”


-Peter Frampton


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